Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime

From teenagers and college students to work at home moms and seniors, millions of people are searching for legitimate ways to make money online. Working from home not only gives you a lot of flexibility, but requires little or no investment. With hard work and dedication, you can build passive income and start your own business. Here are five legitimate ways to make money online without spending a dime:

Offer Your Professional Expertise

If you have special skills in a certain field, you can earn money online by offering your services to those who need them. You can use freelance bidding sites to find job opportunities. All you have to do is to upload your resume, provide a few details about yourself, and bid on the jobs you are interested in.

Start a Blog

Setting up a blog is quick and easy. Many bloggers use free platforms like WordPress or Blogger. If you are familiar with a particular topic or you simply want to share your thoughts with others, blogging is a great choice. As your blog grows and becomes more popular, you can earn money from advertising, sponsored reviews, and affiliate programs.

Write for Others

A growing number of websites will pay for your blog posts or articles. Some of them pay based on page views, while others pay upfront. You can also search for writing jobs on forums and chat boards. Many webmasters and bloggers are searching for talented writers who can provide quality content on a regular basis. For more exposure, advertise your services on social networks and forums.

Promote Affiliate Products

If you have a site or blog, look for companies and merchants that are related to your niche and have an affiliate program. Place banners and graphical ads on your website, write product reviews, and create a dedicated sales page to advertise particular products. The best affiliate marketers earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Sell Photos Online

If you can take interesting pictures and you have a decent camera, then you should consider selling your photos. There are many websites where photographers can upload images and earn money every time someone downloads their pictures. The best thing about this job opportunity is that one photo can sell over and over again. Some websites offer as much as 85 percent commission on all sales. You can also set your own price or be open to offers.

Internet Marketing Strategies To Make Money Online

Some Essentials to Making Online Success Your Reality

i. Sit back and wait!

Are you struggling to make money online? Sore with information overload? Desperate or frustrated with your make money outcomes?

I have found a number of members across various forums somewhat negative to new people producing products early on in their IM careers. It seems that low post counts and recent subscriptions to forums carry the presumption that you are inexperienced and should wait and gain experience.

This kind of approach is not what I recommend to you. What’s your call – The continuous careful planning, endless asking of “what might go wrong,” trying to solve problems before they appear? This approach is regressive.

Ask some of the online millionaires that started out with nothing. Do you think they sat back and waited? Do you think that building up post counts and reputation across forums was the first thing they planned to do for online success? Is this the most productive use of their time when they have a business to build, grow and make profit from?!!!!

I ask, what do you think?

Living in the Gold (rather than basemetal) spectrum requires something quite different and the most successful of online entrepreneurs have it in abundance. If you want success online you have to get out there and take some risks by planning and being proactive. There is no money to be made or prospects to impress by simply waiting, learning and slowly developing an online presence. We literally have to force people to sit up and listen…

“This is who I am. This is my business. Here is what I can do for you. Here is how I’m gunna doing it.”

Online millionaires have a formula to their success that includes a combination of:

Remarkable mental clarity and stamina to get work done

Extraordinary courage to be bold

They always outperform their peers

Creativity and leadership skills that are second to none

No doubt this list could go on.

ii. Refine Your Activities

In my home country of the UK our national sport is football (soccer.) Many of the very best footballers from around the world play in our Premier League and go through rigorous training programs to achieve optimum fitness in both body and mind.

The systems they use to prepare for the sport they love are broken down into three main elements:

Training time – Involves running, weights and anything cardiovascular

Practice time – Practice matches such as 6 v 5 or 8 v 3

Game time – The match. The reason for all of the above

I use this as part of my model for IM business as shown below:

Prime project day- focus complete attention and resources on achieving my prime project, and nothing else at all. No email checking. No phone calls. No time surfing the net. Etc. You get the picture. My project day is exactly that; a day focused utterly on my project; otherwise known as productive time.

The preparation and commitment day- I take care of all the routine tasks, emails, sales, web content, Autoresponder etc. And prepare for my next productive project.

My relaxation and chill out day- A full 24 hours where I do nothing that relates to my online business. No calls, emails, nada. Instead I lie on the sofa and watch Kill Bill 1 & 2 (or whatever you prefer of course!) I go swimming, play with the kids. The point is I simply relax away from my work.

If you try this system out for two weeks I promise you will fall in love with it. Our business needs systemization and so do we. Work really hard in the most focused and prepared way possible, always meeting the needs of your business correctly, by identifying where your time can be spent in the most productive way.

I get to recharge my batteries, reconnect with family and friends, have fun and let go. Then when I reenter my work life I am clear of mind, in control, confident and in the mood to hit my targets and realize my visions.

iii. Networking

Building a successful business online requires a knack for understanding your market and the ability to craft a product that will over satisfy your prospects, ensuring they come back for more and more. Not only that but we need to understand affective marketing strategies. We need to master PPC, SEO, JV’s, Article and Ezines, Web design and much more. – We simply can’t do it all.

So a critical element of running a successful business online and offline is to build positive relationships with individuals who have skills that you need.

Having massive work load without quality outsourcers is a massive restraint. We can say to ourselves “I have to do a ton of back linking to get my site ranked.” But as you may see, this is a Deceptive Restraint. Another restraint is? We need to outsource the project, allowing us to focus on pure money making activity. But if we look deeper again we see that…

It is the lack of established relations we have with people that are key to our businesses success.

Without positive relations in place with experts in the areas your business needs you are set up to fail. How can anyone possibly focus on the productive activities in their business when they are held to ransom by back linking, graphic design or customer refunds? It is the mad world of IM and we must adjust ourselves to deal with this problem quickly and effectively.

iv. Have trusted relations with individual that can drive your business forward

With the fast paced world of IM, do you have pro’s that you can call any time when you need a business problem solved or must seize an emerging business opportunity?

As far as I can tell there are three critical types that you need to supplement the abilities of your business at a moment’s notice:

People With The AnswersYour Business Needs – Anyone who has specialist knowledge in area’s that your knowledge or expertise is limited. This can be anything from sourcing a piece of software to solving a question you just can’t find the answer to.

Specialist tasks individuals: People who are pro at completing the tasks your business needs that you don’t have time for. This can be a back linking project, article writing/submissions, graphics etc.

Those with resources you must have: People who are willing to work with you for marketing purposes. This usually means your competitors who possess large email lists that contain the ideal prospects for your new products or services. Established relations here can be the life blood of your business.

Yes this is just a brief overview of the variety of people and services your business will thrive on if you are to grow in strength and profit. Without relations such as these you can suffer endlessly, wasting your time and other resources. It’s a certified guarantee that targets will be much harder to reach and surpass if you cannot form such relationships.

Let’s say that I need a website developed from scratch. I will be using Google and punching in something like:

HTML Webmaster “Graphic Designer” Curriculum Vitae (this is the UK version of Resume)

Choosing the top ten on page one, I will get their bio and full details to measure if this individual/company can remove my “restraint.” If I am convinced that they can, I will initiate a Skype chat and ask them questions around their capabilities against my restraint.

This may sound a little ambitious or unnecessary for those who are just starting out in IM or are running what they perceive as a ‘small online business.’

Let me assure you this is an important part of a sustainable business. Your potential outsourcer will be far more likely to meet his end of each deal if you are doing everything you can to get the right person for the job. Tell them that you wish to draw up a Partner Acquisition Program or Service Level Agreement. This can be a simple set of expectations such as quality of work, deadlines and future trading agreements. You will find free templates which include typical questions if you tap into Google.

Get this right and save yourself huge amounts of money and wasted time in the future. If you haven’t outsourced before I recommend that you try it today. Just pick a small project that you need to get done; something inexpensive. I promise you that once you try this you will realize how powerful outsourcing is and see that it cost’s much less than what your time is worth, or what you think you have to pay. Go ahead and make it a priority right after finishing this read.

Business Cards Are Important

If you are a business owner and do not have business cards you should be ashamed of yourself. A business card is a very important marketing tool. It helps make and keep connections. If you do not have business cards, you need to get some as soon as possible. There is no telling how much business you are leaving behind because you are not able to quickly give out your contact information.

There is really no excuse for not having a business card on you at all times. It is very important and those that do not have them, well, to be quite honest, they seem downright unprofessional.

Business cards are a very inexpensive way to market your business. You can get cards printed nowadays for as little as $3.99 for a couple of hundred and some places will even print your first batch for free! Some people even download a format and print them at home. This method works, but if you can get them printed for just as cheap if not cheaper, then why waste the time. Plus, the quality of the cards you print at home are not as good. However, any cards are better than no cards at all!

Business cards can be printed on either one side or both sides, depending on what you want. The double sided are more expensive, of course, but will allow you to put more information on the card. You can also choose to have them printed with a matte finish or with a glossy finish. The better the quality, the more expensive the cards will be. But, even the simplest cards can be very effective in marketing for you business.

When you have your business cards printed, there are a few basic things you need to make sure and include on them. Here are some tips on designing you card.

  • If you have a logo, put it at the top of the card. Be sure that the logo really represents you and is not just something you got from clipart.
  • Put your name in the middle. Make it stand out. This is what people need to remember most.
  • Put the phone number that you can be reached at in a visible location.
  • Put your email address on net to your phone number.
  • Keep it simple. No need to put a lot of flashy stuff on your business card. You want to look professional – not tacky.

Once you have your business cards printed, NEVER leave home without them. Always have a few in your wallet. There are valuable marketing tools that you can use to spread the word about your business.